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Multistate Study of the I-81 Corridor

General Information

Study Number: TPF-5(235) View Commitment Details Status: Closed Contract/Other Number:
Lead Agency: Virginia Department of Transportation Last Updated: Jun 6, 2014
Contract Start Date: Dec 2, 2011 Est. Completion Date: Aug 6, 2012 Contract End Date: Aug 6, 2012
Solicitation Number: 1248
Partners: MDOT SHA , NY , PADOT , TN , VA , WV

Contact Information:

Lead Agency Contact(s):
  Bill Kelsh
Phone: 434-293-1934
FHWA Technical Liaison(s):
  Ralph Volpe
Phone: 404-562-3637

Financial Summary:

Contract Amount: $38,764.00 Total Commitments Received: $38,764.00 100% SP&R Approval: Approved

Commitments by Organization:

Agency Year Commitments Funding Contact Name Contact Number Email Address
Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration 2010 $571.00 Allison Hardt 410-545-2916
New York State Department of Transportation 2010 $8,704.00 Gary Frederick 518-457-4645
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 2010 $10,464.00 Lisa Tarson (717) 705-2202
Tennessee Department of Transportation 2010 $3,567.00 Stephanie Vincent 615.741.2203
Virginia Department of Transportation 2010 $15,458.00 Bill Kelsh 434-293-1934
West Virginia Department of Transportation 2020 $0.00

Study Description

In October 2008, six states (Maryland New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia) executed a Memorandum of Understanding to coordinate studies and information about the I-81 Corridor for the purpose of establishing a seamless freight and passenger network. The I-81 is an important national artery for the movement of people and goods and has become a key component in the economic development and vitality of the Eastern States of the United States of America. Meeting the growing demand for freight movement along the corridor and maintaining the region¿s economic vitality will be challenging but is critical to all the states.
All six signatory states have major statewide freight planning efforts either underway or complete. Some have constructed projects on Interstate 81 and others have projects programmed. The Signatory states are interested in having the individual states¿ studies and improvements compiled and to determine where further information is required to move toward a consolidated, multistate plan for the corridor.
Provide the basis for a multistate and multimodal coordinated plan for I-81
Review and integrate the current studies for highway and rail in the Corridor
Review and coordinate the operating and capital plans for the corridor of each Signatory State
Make recommendations regarding corridor-wide improvements
Identify the public and private benefits of the improvements and costs
Scope of Work:
1. Develop an overview of freight data and studies addressing the I-81 Multimodal Corridor across the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee. Tasks include the following:
a. Develop basic overview thematic maps depicting freight flows, traffic volumes, and economic conditions from FAF-2, HPMS, and state traffic counts, and US Census Data;
b. Work with each state to identify and obtain other datasets and studies addressing I-81 multimodal corridor issues, develop brief executive summaries of each, highlight similarities and differences, and where possible, synthesize into thematic maps;
c. Identify and describe planning and funding initiatives (state, MPO, Federal, private) affecting the I-81 multimodal corridor; and
d. Summarize key findings and identify actions that could be undertaken jointly by the I-81 states to address data gaps, respond to critical planning initiatives, and make best use of funding opportunities.
Suggested each partner state contribute according to the share of I-81 mileage in the state:
TN: $3,567
VA: $15,458
WV: $1,237
MD: $571
PA: $10,464
NY: $8,704
Total: $ 40,000.00


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Solicitation Documents:

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