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Continued Advancements in Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Foundations, Substructures and Other Geotechnical Features

General Information

Study Number: TPF-5(227) View Commitment Details Status: Objectives fulfilled Contract/Other Number:
Lead Agency: Federal Highway Administration Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018
Contract Start Date: Est. Completion Date: Contract End Date:
Solicitation Number: 1246
Partners: GADOT , IL , MI , MS , MT , NC , NHDOT , NM , OR , PADOT , WI

Contact Information:

Lead Agency Contact(s):
  Silas Nichols
Phone: 202-366-1554
FHWA Technical Liaison(s):
  Silas Nichols
Phone: 202-366-1554

Financial Summary:

Contract Amount: Total Commitments Received: $530,000.00 100% SP&R Approval: Approved

Commitments by Organization:

Agency Year Commitments Funding Contact Name Contact Number Email Address
Georgia Department of Transportation 2010 $25,000.00 Supriya Kamatkar 404-608-4797
Georgia Department of Transportation 2011 $25,000.00 Supriya Kamatkar 404-608-4797
Illinois Department of Transportation 2010 $40,000.00 Megan Swanson 217-782-3547
Illinois Department of Transportation 2011 $20,000.00 Megan Swanson 217-782-3547
Michigan Department of Transportation 2010 $25,000.00 Andre' Clover 517-636-6053
Michigan Department of Transportation 2011 $25,000.00 Andre' Clover 517-636-6053
Mississippi Department of Transportation 2011 $50,000.00 James Watkins 601-359-7650
Montana Department of Transportation 2010 $20,000.00 Susan Sillick 406-444-7693
Montana Department of Transportation 2011 $10,000.00 Susan Sillick 406-444-7693
New Hampshire Department of Transportation 2010 $20,000.00 Ann Scholz 603-271-1659
New Hampshire Department of Transportation 2011 $20,000.00 Ann Scholz 603-271-1659
New Mexico Department of Transportation 2010 $100,000.00 Elias Archuleta 505- 827-9853
North Carolina Department of Transportation 2010 $20,000.00 Mrinmay Biswas 919-508-1865
North Carolina Department of Transportation 2011 $20,000.00 Mrinmay Biswas 919-508-1865
Oregon Department of Transportation 2010 $20,000.00 Michael Bufalino 503-986-2845
Oregon Department of Transportation 2011 $20,000.00 Michael Bufalino 503-986-2845
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 2010 $25,000.00 Lisa Tarson (717) 705-2202
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 2011 $25,000.00 Lisa Tarson (717) 705-2202
Wisconsin Department of Transportation 2011 $20,000.00 Lynn Hanus 608-267-2294

Study Description

The FHWA currently offers formal technical training on the design of highway bridge substructures using load and resistance factor design (LRFD). The training was developed to assist participants of varying levels of experience with transition of practice from allowable stress design (ASD) to LRFD for bridge substructures, foundations and retaining structures. For structural applications, training was based on the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 3rd Edition, 2004 (AASHTO LRFD specifications). For geotechnical applications, training referenced development work on AASHTO LRFD Section 10, Foundations, including the approved 2006 interim specifications.

Considerable changes have occurred to Sections 3, 10 and 11 of the AASHTO LRFD specifications in the last few years, and significant work is required to address gaps and issues remaining in the geotechnical guidance. In order to remain current with technical guidance developed for state DOT039;s and address future changes to the AASHTO LRFD specifications, revisions to the reference materials, comprehensive design examples and training/technology transfer structure are necessary. These necessary revisions will provide up-to-date guidance for State DOT039;s and allow the developed materials to be flexible enough to easily accommodate future changes.

Future changes in FHWA technical guidance and in the AASHTO LFRD specifications will have to address calibration of design methodologies for deep and shallow foundation design, earth retaining structures including mechanically stabilized earth (MSE), embankment and slope design, culverts, and soil and rock properties. In addition, such topics as serviceability in geotechnical design, loads and load combinations, and extreme events must be addressed. This pooled fund effort will support several activities to address these topics.
The project objectives are to: 1) Revise and update comprehensive bridge design examples to reflect the most recent changes to Sections 3, 10 and 11 of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Standards; 2) Redevelop instructor led and web-based training for transportation engineers responsible for substructure and foundation design of bridges; 3) Identify research needs for continued advancement, and improved reliability and cost effectiveness of LRFD design methodologies for substructures and foundations.
Scope of Work:
The scope of this pooled fund is to:

1) re-develop the instructor led training for state DOT039;s to focus on adaptation of state geotechnical and foundation design practice to the AASHTO LRFD specifications;

2) develop and maintain web-based training modules to focus on specific technical aspects of the LRFD transition. This would include methods for calibration of design methods and development of local/regional resistance factors, information and guidance on bi-annual changes to the AASHTO LRFD specifications;

3) update and distribute comprehensive design examples for state DOT use;

4) identify research needs and develop work statements for future funding.
This project will occur in two (2) phases. Phase I will encompass development of training materials and identification of research needs. Maintenance and updating of materials will be a Phase II activity.

The estimated duration of Phase I is 18 months from notice to proceed.

The requested contribution for this pooled fund solicitation is $50,000 per partner, per fiscal year. The minimim contribution that will be accepted is $20,000 per partner, per fiscal year.


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